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Fallbrook, CA
From the desk of Derek G. Austin

Dear Visitor,

The title of the website tells you what you can find here: Main Topics of Ecommerce: Theory and Practice. No need to start a dispute about which has bigger importance: theory or practice. The situation is the same here as practically in all other fields of life: no one can exist without the other.

We invite readers who are open minded, ready to prove new ways, methods and tactics. The value of the website will be in the articles written by invited experts, in the brand new products in the Software Store and in the reviews and marketing offers.

The topic will change regularly, offering new info-products (sometimes for free download) to the subscribers of the Ecommerce InfoStore Messages newsletter. Members of the Ecommerce InfoClub will have special privileges, but about it later...

There are two ways to accompany to this website. Click the SOFTWARE button in the left menu to open the door of the Software Store.

It belongs to the best software sites on the Internet for helping people in achieving marketing success. These software are business-optimized specialities. You will discover easily: with them you may build your list easier, your websites will get traffic, you will convert visitors to buyers. Place your data in the subscription form on that page. Just for subscribing to the email series I offer you a high-value set of marketing tools. Visit the Software Store regularly and select some big products for your business. (Furthermore, you find there a ticker which offers you one software free each and every day.)

If the main scope of your interest is traffic, social network (web2) techniques, various programs, fill the subscription form below to receive articles, ebooks, videos regularly about marketing techniques, tricks and ways how to develop a successful online marketing. Each weekly Message contains an article plus reviews of corresponding products. Occasional Messages invite you to big launches, new programs or directly to download pages to get gifts (ebooks, audios or videos). After subscribing you start receiving - among others - 9 big chapters on Failure and Success. It is about emarketing theory but if your learn the secret how to fail faster for success, this writing may change your life (not only your business activity!) forever.

Subscribe to Ecommerce Infostore Messages now to receive the life-changing 'Failure and Success' lessons, ebooks, reviews, and bonuses.

As founder of the Work-on-Success VRE, I finish all my emails with a greeting: Work on Success! I do this, because I believe in the motto of the VRE: Work and Success Finally Meet!

Have a nice day, and as you did it yesterday and will do tomorrow:

Work on Success,

The Editor
 Derek G. Austin

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